Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code for February 2018

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Get your Office 2016 Promo Code for discount on the purchase of 100% authentic Microsoft Office Software Suites. Office 2016 are offered for Home, Student, Business and Professionals. Microsoft's Office 2016 comes for both Windows and Mac. Microsoft Office 2016 bundled with latest features like Collaboration, Social Sharing, Smart Lookup, Cool Templates, New Chart types, Skype integration, Multi-device support, Cross-browser. How to use Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code? Click on the below discount coupon links; Visit the Microsoft Store and place the order; Apply the Promo Code; Enjoy the Discount :)

Why Should I buy Office 2016? Office 2016 is far advanced to its earlier versions. It suits the new generation requirements. The Skype integration helps to communicate with colleagues for real time co-working. Office 2016 comes with cool templates for Word, and PowerPoint. And with one-click chart types for Excel 2016.

The 10% OFF Promo Code for Office 2016 for Student, Faculty and Military on all Microsoft Office 2016 Products is applicable.

Microsoft Office 2016 has come with a lot of new stuff. With its Home, Professional and Business versions everything is going to be far easier. In the newer version every program is more colorful than the old ones. Features like 'Tell me what you want to do' makes office applications more users friendly. With Microsoft's data loss protection program you can make sure that the data doesn't fall into any wrong hands. To begin with let's check out the Home & Student Edition.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016
Office Home and Student 2016

Priced $149.99 Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 version comes with several changes both in its performance and outlook. The main feature is its colorful outlook. Every office application has become more colorful and attractive. Furthermore, it provides better ways of sharing and collaborating. New tools such as Sway and Delve have been added in this 2016 version.

Features Of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016

  • Colorful and attractive – This is considered as one of the major changes in Microsoft Office 2016. In this version colors are splashed all over the title bar and ribbon menu. The title bar is slightly bigger in its size compared with the previous versions. Also, now the options in the menu bar are not all capitalized. Only the first letter of each tab is capitalized in the 2016 version.

  • Collaborate and share – Office 2016 is just another name for collaboration. You can share both with its new sharing tool and inbuilt collaboration tools. Now multiple users can edit and work on a single document at the same time.

  • Tell me what you want to do- It's a new search box which have been added to the Office. You can type in your command, words, etc. in the search box. It will show you the results which are similar to the search term.

  • Smart Lookup – It will do a search on any term you choose. It is more efficient than regular web search.

  • Excel reloaded- six new charts have been added to Microsoft Office Excel. Now charts like waterfall, sunburst etc. is available in Excel. More features such as pivot tables, Query make it more easy to use Excel.

  • In-spreadsheet – the size of your graphs, charts etc. will change according to the size of your spreadsheet.

  • Outlook – create, chat and share the documents between you and your time. Make use of the clutter facility to clean your inbox of spam messages.

  • Keep track of your notes, works and much more with OneNote. Write and share it with anyone across the globe.

Requirements Of Office Home & Student 2016

  • Processor : 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64- bit processor with SSE2

  • Operating system : Windows 7 or later, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012

  • Memory : 1 GB RAM (32 bit); 2 GB RAM (64 bit)

  • Hard Disk Space: 3.0 GB available disk space

  • Display :1024×768 resolution

  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.

  • Non-Commercial use

  • Microsoft account is required

  • Internet functionality requires Internet connection

Office Home & Students 2016 (For Mac)
Office Home and Student 2016 (For Mac)

Priced $149.99 its features are quite similar to the Windows version. In the 2016 version for mac, all applications look a lot cleaner and easier to access. The title bar in Word has undergone tremendous changes compared to the previous versions. From it's kind of a cluttered title bar it changed into a well organized title bar with only the most important options present.

Another major characteristic of Office 2016 for Mac is its fastness. This version is quite faster than the earlierversions of Office for Mac. Sharing and collaborating is also possible in Office for Mac. Now multiple users can work on the same document at the same time.

Requirements Of Office 2016 For Mac

  • Processor : Intel processor

  • Operating system : Mac OS X 10.10

  • Memory : 4 GB RAM

  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB HFS+ hard disk format

  • Display :1280× 800 resolution

  • Non-Commercial use

  • Microsoft Account

  • Internet functionality requires Internet connection

Office 2016 Home & Business
Office Home and Business 2016

Priced $229.99 Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 will make a business an effortless job for you. Starting from its colorful menu bar to Word, Excel, PowerPoint it's all full of features.

Features Of Office Home & Business

  • Colorful and different – The menu bar of Office applications have become more trendy and colorful. It has changed from all capitalized title bar to only the first letter being capitalized.

  • Calculations Made Easier - Now with the addition of six new charts, working in Excel is an interesting affair. Charts like Waterfall, Treemap etc. is now available in the Office 2016. Besides these, you can make use of features like Sway and Delve. Share more information about yourself and your work using Delve.

  • Store and Share – create notes and keep track of your tasks using OneNote. You can type in your notes; points etc. and also share it with the ones you choose.

  • Outlook- Want all your clients in a single group? Make it real using Outlook. You can create your group and add any one of your choice. Outlook is much more than just chatting. You can share your documents, works etc. with all these group members. Make use of the Clutter facility to keep spam messages away from your inbox.

  • Collaborate More – using the collaboration facilities offered by Office 2016 multiple users can work on a single document or file at the same time.

Requirements of Office 2016 Home & Business is same as that of Office 2016 Home & Student.

Office 2016 Home & Business (For Mac)
Office Home and Business 2016 (For Mac)

Priced $229.99 Office 2016 for Home and Business is quite similar to that of Windows version. With features like Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook it will give you an experience similar to that of using the Windows version. Mac version comes with a much better interface when compared with its older versions. And also the OneDrive facility too is now available in the Mac version which makes it even better. Now you can share your documents and files with your clients and your colleagues from anywhere using OneDrive.

Requirements of Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac is similar to that of Office 2016 Home & Student for Mac.

Office 2016 Professional
Office Professional 2016

Priced $399.99 Microsoft Office 2016 Professional comes with a good deal of features. Apart from the Home & Student and Business versions Professional comes with Access and Publisher. That's what makes Professional distinct fromother versions.

Features Of Office 2016 Professional

  • Access - create databases more easily with Microsoft Office Access. Also share your documents with chosen one easily. The files you create in Access will be automatically saved which makes it more secure.

  • Publisher – create flyers, brochures advertisements and much more with Microsoft Publisher. You can also add more effects to make your work stand out.

  • Save and share – create your files and share it with anyone across the globe at anytime using OneDrive. Now Access your files from anywhere without any glitch.

  • Smart Lookup – use smart lookup facility to research more about your topic. Select a word and click on the smart lookup and you can see various search results from web.

  • With the new six charts, working in Excel is easier. Features such as pivot tables, sway and delve are also available in the Microsoft Office Excel.

Requirements Of Office 2016 Professional

  • Processor : 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64- bit processor with SSE2

  • Operating system : Windows 7 or later, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012

  • Memory : 1 GB RAM (32 bit); 2 GB RAM (64 bit)

  • Hard Disk Space: 3.0 GB available disk space

  • Display :1024×768 resolution

  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.

  • Non-Commercial use

  • Microsoft account is required

  • Internet functionality requires Internet connection

The new Office 2016 includes the following applications like Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016. Office 2016 is Cloud connected so you can access all your documents from your tablet, smart phone or laptop. Let's go into detail about the applications.

Word 2016:Word 2016 has the entirely new design that makes it simple to add images, tables, graphs to your documents.Documents can now be worked at the same time by various clients, with notes and remarks updating continuously, which makes talking about collaborative projects with far-away friends simple.

Excel 2016:The new Microsoft Excel 2016 includes Major database enhancements, Quick analysis tools, New charts, New templates, 3D / Power Maps, Easier collaboration and sharing, Smart Lookup and Ink Equations.

Outlook 2016:Even though Outlook 2016 look like Outlook 2013 But it comes up with some improvements like - New Colorful theme and other Ribbon changes. The added features to new Outlook 2016 are Tablet rotation support, New interactive help: Tell Me, Office 365 Groups support (Outlook.com and Office 365 Exchange Online), Exchange level search, More Sync Slider options.

PowerPoint 2016:Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 adds a variety of new features to the most popular presentation software on the market. It includes Real-time co-authoring, Smart Lookup, Ink Equations, Graphics, Quick Shape Formats, Design Ideas, New charts. The pros of the new powerpoint 2016 are Improved help menu, New design features, Simple, easy-to-use essential tools.

Access 2016:Microsoft Access is a Database Management System which is used to create software applications. The new access 2016 comes with features like- tell me in Acess 2016, Modernized templates in access 2016, Themes in access 2016, Larger Dialogue.

OneNote 2016: OneNote is already pretty good when it comes to taking notes.The best thing about OneNote is that it's packed with full of features. Those features are Quick Notes, Page Templates, Custom Tags, Internal Links, Quick Access Toolbar, Docked Note-Taking. OneNote 2016 helps you catch thoughts and arrange notes quickly and easily. You can add labels to your notes and notepads and get to them from any device - perfect for sketching your Thoughts.

Top Reasons to Buy Microsoft Office 2016

Co-Authoring:You can watch live what your team is writing and edit the documents. Lightning fast search helps with interactive options. Skype integration for video conference.

Go Mobile:Office 2016 is all devices friendly with smart lookups. Save your document in the OneDrive and your team will be able to locate and edit whatever device and wherever they are.

Social Sharing:: All popular Social sharing buttons like facebook, twitter, instagram etc and integrated to office 2016 to share your documents to your followers.

Outlook Clutter:Clutter is a new option in the outlook which helps in organizing your emails well. It studies your interactions daily and prioritizes the emails accordingly.

Windows 10 Compatibility:Microsoft Office 2016 is best compatible with Windows 10

Business Security:IT admin tools to enforce policies for multi-factor authentication helps you securely access your files and prevent data loss

Smart Lookup:Office 2016 is so beautifully designed you never want to leave the page.

Click-to-run Options:Run updates for a month or for three months or up to four months prior to deployment. Background Inteligence Transfer Service manages the network traffic intelligently for updates

Differences between Office Home & Student 2016, Office Home & Business 2016 and Office Professional 2016?
Office Home & Student 2016Office Home & Business 2016 Office Professional 2016
Price: $119.99$229.99$399.99
For 1 PCFor 1 PCFor 1 PC
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNoteOutlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNoteOutlook, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
Operating System:Windows 7 or LaterWindows 7 or LaterWindows 7 or Later

Choose the Office 2016 that suits your requirements. Do not get forget to use Office 2016 promo code for amazing discounts.

System Requirements for Office 2016

Processor:1 GHz; RAM:2 GB; Disk Space:3 GB+; Screen Resolution:1280 x 800 (min); Operating System:Windows 7 SP1 or later; A Microsoft account

How to Install Office 2016 Products?

After your purchase of your Office 2016 suite, you will have "Office 2016 Deployment Tool" with your downloaded version or DVD version. Office 2016 Deployment Tool helps you to install full versions of Microsoft Office 2016.

Differences between Office 2016 Vs Office 365?

Office 365: Subscription Plan, Yearly or Monthly Billing, Updated 24/7, Access to All Applications, Suits to Multi Device, Suits Multi-Platform

Office 2016: One Time Pay, One Time Billing, Updates Online, Applications depends on the Chosen Product, Different products for Windows and Mac.

Popular Products of Office 2016

It appears by the real stats that Office Home & Student 2016 is being sold more than its siblings like Office Home & Business 2016 and Office Professional 2016. This could be because of its one time price and most number of home and student customers.

Students/Faculty Office 2016 Discounts?

Students, Faculty and Parents get 10% OFF on all Microsoft Software including Office Home & Student 2016. All you need is proper student id of your high school/university.

Military Office 2016 Discounts?

All Military Personnels are eligible to get 10% OFF on all Microsoft Software and 5% OFF on all devices.

Are there any Promo Codes for Microsoft Office 2016??

Microsoft does offers Promo Codes for savings on its Software and Hardware at Microsoft Store. But mostly the discount may not be in promo codes format, you could click on the given promotional links given on website to avail the best offer on Microsoft Office, Xbox, PCs, Laptops, Surface Tablets, Office 2016, Office 365, GoPro, Headphones, Accessories etc. msstoredealz.com offers latest discount deals on our website for huge savings at Microsoft Store.

Popular Products of Office 365

The stats show that Office 365 Personal Subscription and Office 365 Home Subscription are sold more than Office 365 University.

How does Office Home & Student 2016 for MAC works?

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac works excellent. You see many complaints online on Office 2016 Mac Version. Please contact Help Support team of Microsoft Store for good installation and work of Office Home & Student 2016.

Is there Free Shipping for Microsoft Office 2016?

Free shipping for Microsoft Office or any other Software is applicable at Microsoft Store. Besides, you can always download the any Software and its updates online.

1-click install for Office 2016?

Yes. You just download the software it will be installed on your computer.

Microsoft Office 2016 vs Older versions?

There are lots of cool features and updates done Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access in Microsoft Office 2016 when compared to its older versions Office 2013, Office 2011, Office 2007 etc.

Which Windows version required for Office 2016?

You require Windows 7 or later to install the Microsof Office 2016 Applicaitons.

How to contact Microsoft Store if something goes wrong?

Please feel free to contact Microsoft Support Web Portal: www.Support.Microsoft.com Technical Support: Call 1-877-696-7786.

Are there any Tips and Tutorials for Office 2016

Get free tips and tutorials on using Office 2016 and how to use its applications at https://support.office.com .

Does Outlook come with Office Home & Student 2016?

No. The Outlook is not included in Office Home & Student 2016 suite. You have to purchase it seperately if you need.

Upgrades of Office 2016 and Office 365?

You can Upgrade from Office 2016 to Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home, Office 365 Business and Office 365 University

You can Upgrade from Office 365 to Office 2016 to avoid regular billing

You can Upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 2016

You cannot Upgrade from Office 2013 for Mac to Office 2016 for Mac