Certified Refurbished Surface Promo Code February 2018

Certified Refurbished Surface Promo Code for discount savings on your purchase of Certified Refurbished Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book at Microsoft Store. Students, Faculty and Military get flat 10% off on the order. Avail cash-back offers, rebates, black friday and cyber monday deals for more savings.

Microsoft has always been the superior choice when it came to technology and computers. With their innovative technologies Microsoft always topped the charts. Microsoft had created a huge sensation in the markets with its new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Now Microsoft is offering a discount on the refurbished Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Buyers can save a big amount of money if they make use of this discount.

Let’s get into the details about the refurbished Surface. It is indeed a great option for users. Let’s see how these two devices get refurbished. The devices are made to go through a rigorous refurbishing process. This procedure will check the device's properties and issues and does a diagnostic testing. Properties such as hardware and cosmetic quality etc. are put under examination. Also, you won’t have to worry about the functioning of the refurbished items. It’s going to work exactly like the original ones. It’s the Surface made new. The buyers can get a one year limited hardware warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Refurbished Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4

Certified Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with 128 GB and 256 GB.

Refurbished Surface Pro 4 – 128 GB

Priced $729.00 it comes with the powerful and advanced Sixth Generation Intel Core processor. (i5).It provides a whole 128GB SSD. The main attraction of Surface Pro 4 is its razor sharp screen and the stylish Surface Pen which can be attached to the side of the screen after use. Surface Pen is included in this amazing package. The size of the screen of Surface Pro 4 is 12.3 inch. It utilizes the PixelSense feature to give its users a grand viewing experience. In addition to the 4 GB RAM, it runs a Windows 10 absolutely perfectly.

Refurbished Surface Pro 4 –256 GB

Priced $979.00it comes with the powerful and advanced Sixth Generation Intel Core processor (i5). It comes with 256 GB SSD. It has a razor sharp and crisp display awaiting its users. Pro 4 make use of PixelSense feature. The offer includes the Surface Pen which is completely considered as the star of the whole Surface Pro 4. Apart from the 8 GB RAM, it would run Windows 10 pro smoothly.

The Intel processor proved to be more efficient and powerful than before. Video calls with your friends are going to be more interesting now with the 5MP front camera and 8MP rear facing cameras. Do your work quickly and easily with the Office applications in your refurbished Surface Pro 4. Users can also run professional software in their Pro 4. Software like AutoCAD etc. runs smoothly in refurbished Pro 4. Pro 4 have many applications in it to protect your data from reaching wrong hands. Protect your device with the TPM chip. You are free to use other security applications of your choice such as BitLocker etc.

Refurbished Surface Pro 4 priced $1,359.00 comes with Sixth Generation Intel Core processor (i7). It has all the features similar to the previous versions. If this one comes with an 8 GB RAM, another edition of the refurbished Pro 4 comes with an excellent 16 GB RAM. The edition costs $1,529.00

Certified Refurbished Surface Book
Surface Book

Certified Refurbished Microsoft Surface Book comes with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Refurbished Surface Book –128 GB

Coming with the Sixth Generation Intel Core processor (i5) it costs $1,149.00. The display of Surface Book is of 13.5 inch. With the help of PixelSense Display it’s going to present the users a crisp and clear display. The offer includes Surface Pen as well. Surface Book run Windows 10 quite smoothly. It comes with 8 GB RAM. It offers 128 GB SSD.

Refurbished Surface Pro 4 –256 GB

Priced $1,489.00 too comes with the Sixth Generation Intel Core processor (i5). From PixelSense Display to the Surface Pen features are quite similar to the previous version. It comes with 256 GB SSD and 8GB RAM.

Refurbished Surface Book –512 GB

Priced $2,299.00 this refurbished edition comes with 512 GB SSD and a great 16 GB RAM.

Refurbished Surface Book is another word for creation. You can shoot ad edit videos with the help of Premiere Pro more easily than ever. It offers an unbeatable 12 hours of battery life. Let not the power restrain you from your creativity. Surface Book runs Windows 10 perfectly. Make use of the Office applications to do your work effortlessly. Forget typing passwords. With Windows Hello and its face recognition technique it’s going be a lot more safe and easy at the same time. The TPM chip can enhance the security of your device furthermore by subjecting it to enterprise level encryption.