Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Promo Code February 2018

It's time you replace your laptops with something more flexible and stylish.

There is a line between laptop and tablet. Microsoft has introduced Surface Tablets to blur that 'line'. Microsoft has lately added lithe alternative high powered machine to its Surface series. Surface Pro 4: Here is the latest tablet that can replace your laptop! You read it right. This latest machine is in its range of high-powered business hybrids. We offer you the latest surface pro 4 promo code for amazing discounts on this high-end Surface Tablet. Surface Pro 4 Coupon codes and voucher codes helps you get cash back on the purchase of Surface Pro 4.

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Keeping different machines for home, office and travel, the idea sounds daunting. There is a best idea to meet all purposes - Surface Tablet Pro 4. This machine is the latest in range of Surface Tablets. Let us confer specifications, features and necessary details of Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 4

Priced 749.00 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the new word for technology. In other words, Surface Pro 4 can be called as your desktop which will follow you anywhere. It is a tablet which can replace your laptop. Surface Pro 4 is stacked with features you can't possibly find in any other tablets. The main attraction of Surface Pro 4 is that it can function as a tablet and a laptop. It's too easy carrying it around with you because of its pretty light weight. Its thinness adds more beauty to its design. Compared with the previous version this one truly hits the top charts. You can fold your tablet to a clean 150 degrees using its kickstand. It will help remove the strain of the user. The Sixth Generation Intel core processor in Surface Pro 4 is doubtlessly worth mentioning. It's going to present the best of performance for its users. Talking about the display of Surface Pro 4, it has undergone tremendous change compared to its last versions. Now the pictures are going to look a lot better than ever. It's not just the display that has undergone change. The main feature of Pro 4 the Surface Pen too have been improved greatly in this version. Make use of the eraser situated at the top of the Surface Pen to rub your mistakes. Surface Pen can be attached to the side of the Surface Pro using its magnetic power.

Now let's talk about the Type Cover. With the new Type Cover it's all going to be easier. Typing is now an interesting affair. Compared to the previous versions, Type Cover appears to be heavier.

Features Of Surface Pro 4

    Surface Pro 4 Elements
  • Excellent Type Cover– The new Type Cover of Surface Pro 4 can give you a typing experience much similar to that of typing in the laptop. It has a whole set of 78 backlit keys. Compared to the previous versions, the keys seem to be a bit raised from its platform than flat on it. As a method to improve the security the Type Cover provides a fingerprint sensor system. If you are tired of your black keyboards new Surface Pro 4 will give you a chance to switch colors. Type Cover is available in almost all colors including red, blue, bright blue etc. From the textured plastic Type Cover it changed to the whole now glass trackpad. Moreover it's also possible to fold the Type Cover to any angle according to your convenience. The new Type Cover is all soft to touch.

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
  • An advanced Surface Pen– The new Surface Pen can be attached to the side of the Surface Pro using its magnetic connection. The stylus or the pen adds more glamour to the design. The new Surface Pen comes with an eraser on top. The pen can give you a feeling similar to writing on a paper. The Pen comes with a 1,024 pressure level and is very easy to hold. It is actually great that users can open OneNote with a single press on the eraser. Hold on to it for a bit longer and you can see Cortana unveiling before your eyes. So access applications more easily with the stylus or the Surface Pen.

  • Surface Pro 4 Pen
  • Pixel–density Display- Microsoft has introduced its Pixel Density technology in the Surface Pro 4. Now you will have the sensor elements close to your finger or the stylus which makes it greatly responsive to touch. The screen resolution of Surface Pro 4 is 2,736× 1,824. With this tablet user can have an unparalleled experience of gaming and watching movies. Display is larger in Surface Pro 4 when compared to its older versions.

  • Surface Pro 4 Pixel Density
  • Faster is Better– Surface Pro 4 comes with Sixth Generation Intel core processor. It offers Surface Pro 4 in Intel Core M, Core i5 and Core i7 options. It is also possible to load Pro 4 with 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM. It is going to present the best of performance for its users. It provides almost 1TB of storage.

  • Surface Pro 4 RAM
  • Do more with Windows Ink– Windows Ink is a default application available in the Surface Pro 4. With features like Sticky note, Sketch pad etc. add spark to your creativity. Users can also make up a quick screenshot and share it with the people they choose. It's time you transform your thoughts to words, art and much more.

  • Office Applications– Microsoft Office Applications are available in the Surface Pro 4. Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote are at your fingertip. These office applications have merged with the life of all people. Catch all you're most used as well as favorite Office applications in the Surface Pro 4. It should be noted that face recognition is also supported by Surface Pro 4. It will help adding security to the profile of users. You won't miss another latest update of Microsoft anymore. Windows will let you know of every new update they make.

  • Sound and Efficient Speakers– Enjoy movies, games and music with the two high quality speakers in the Surface Pro 4. Both the speakers are placed at the front. And both of the speakers run on Dolby-Audio Premium. Now enjoy the music and movies like you never before.

Technical Requirements Of Surface Pro 4

  • Software : Windows 10 Pro, Office 365 30-day trial

  • Exterior : Casing: Magnesium Color: Silver Physical buttons: Volume, Power

  • Dimensions: 11.50 × 7.93 × 0.33 in (292.10 × 201.42 × 8.45 mm)

  • Weight : m3: 1.69 lbs (766 g) i5: 1.73 lbs (786 g) i7: 1.73 lbs

  • Storage :Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB

  • Display–Screen: 12.3" PixelSense Display Resolution: 2736 × 1824 ( 267 PPI) Aspect Ratio: 3:2 Touch: 10 point multi-touch

  • Processor : 6th Gen Intel Core m3, i5, or i7

  • Security : TPM chip for enterprise security

  • Memory : 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB RAM

  • What's in the box : Surface Pro 4, Surface Pen, Power Supply, Quick Start Guide and Safety and warranty documents

  • Warranty :1-year limited hardware warranty

  • Sensors : Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer

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